The Story is a romantic drama written by well known Punjabi Author Shirin Anandita. At the centre of the narrative are – a young and beautiful 19 yrs old girl- Gurnoor and a rich, smart & handsome 20 yrs old boy – Sartaj. The film tells about their pristine first love & growing up of a girl in a traditional Punjabi family who is brought up by her grandfather and his friend who are very possessive and protective about her.

At college, Sartaj- who sees Gurnoor for the first time develops a liking for her & tries to follow her. Her Grandfather, who hovers around her like a protective spectral figure does not like this. He convinces Gurnoor to change her looks and appearance when going to college so that she does not draw unwanted attention. Meanwhile Gurnoor also develops liking for Sartaj. Due to her changed deceptive looks Sartaj is unable to recoganise her and humiliates her in front of his friends.

Unable to bear pain of constant humiliation from Sartaj, Gurnoor confides in her Grandfather who then confronts Sartaj. He tells Sartaj not to humiliate Gurnoor even if he doesn’t like her. Subsiquently Sartaj discovers that Gurnoor is the same girl that he liked on the first day of college. Their intimacy gradually matures into their love for each other. Gurnoor falls ill and diagnosed with terminal illness. Everybody then tries to keep her happy. Gurnoor tells Sartaj that our body is wonderful gift of nature and we must always take care of it and by enjoying life to the fullest.




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